To own a piece of Nighthorse Jewelry is to own a piece of history.
Design Inspirations


Horse Bracelet Horses

Horses represent freedom, strength, and dignity.

Reversible Bear Pendant Animals

Animals are the spirit helpers. Ben believes you will acquire the good qualities of the "totem" (representation of the animal) if you wear it. Bears have the ability to heal themselves. Eagles can soar higher than any other creature. Thus, they are the "keepers of the earth" as they over-see all that The Creator has made.

Inlay Heart Pendant Inlay

There are two kinds of inlay. Raised inlay results in a cobblestone effect. Flush surface inlay results in a smooth surface. The different stones are often bordered by 18kt gold or silver.

Mountains and Rock Art Bracelet Rock Art

Inspired by petroglyphs dating back over 2,000 years ago.

Indian Corn Bracelet Gold

18kt gold reflects Ben’s high standards for quality and value.

Painted Mesa Ring Painted Mesa

Reminiscent of the exposed rock mesas of the southwest, Ben designs in a combination of colors in silver, bronze, copper and German silver (nickel).

Morning Star The Story of the Morning Star

Morning Star, also known as Dull Knife, was a great chief to the Northern Cheyenne people during the 19th century. He was noted for his active resistance to Western expansion, a Cheyenne warrior in every sense of the word. It is due to his courage and determina- tion that the Northern Cheyenne still possess a ho meland in their traditional country (southern Montana). The Cheyenne have adopted this symbol for Morning Star, displayed on flags throughout their nation and painted on warriors’ chest during the Sun Dance.

The Northern Cheyenne granted Ben Nighthorse permission to use this enduring symbol of strength as his signature stamp which is featured on all of his jewelry creations.